June 30

Our Journey is almost finished, but we have to enjoy it until the end. That’s why today, we visited the Greenwich meridian, a place full of history and a lot of interesting things. As always, we started our day at 8:30 in the morning and, at 9:30, we left the residence to go to the Greenwich meridian. It was a beautiful sunny day. We went by boat from Westminster station and travelled around 1 hour through the River Thames until we reached our final stop.

In Greenwich, you can find a lot of interesting things such as some of the artefacts used to measure the earth and an explanation of how scientists concluded where the meridian passed through. You can also visit the house where the astronomers lived and see some replicas of the telescopes they used; they also explained to us how time zones work. Finally, all of us took the most wanted photograph, with one foot on each side of the earth. The Greenwich complex was not too big, so, at 13:00, we left it and returned by tube.

We had a free afternoon, so most of us went to Picadilly Circus to buy the last souvenirs, clothes and toys of the journey. We returned to the residence at 18:30 to have dinner and, at 19:30, we left the residence again for our final visit of the journey: Picadilly at Night. It was full of people and almost all the stores were open. We arrived to the residence at about 23:00 to finish getting everything ready and rest for the two long days that are coming.

Everybody is happy and we all think time passed too quickly. The objectives of the journey were completed, practice our English and have a good time with our friends and teachers while we visit a new country.

By: Luis Felipe Sánchez

June 29

Today we started our day the with typical breakfast which is the start of every day which we have spent here at Netherhall, After that we had class, and we started with some presentations that our teacher assigned as part of this English Course where we learned a lot, not only about English grammar, we also understand lots of things such as how Great Britain became anglican? Why do they use pounds as their currency?, What is the name of this country? and lots of  interesting things about history, After the presentations we had lunch and then we were ready to go to the London Eye. We left Netherhall and we took the Underground to go there. We left the train at Westminster station, where Big Ben , the houses of Parliament and obviously the London Eye all are, then we started waiting in the huge line of people that wanted to enter the London Eye. It was quite fast but it was full of people, so it took us some time, but it was amazing to enter to one of the most famous attractions here in London and to see the city in a different form and realize how big London is. We took so many photos and we had a great in the capsule because the whole group was in the same capsule so we enjoyed it.  After that great time we had free time so everybody went to what they want so in my case i went to the famous 221 B apartment where Sherlock Holmes lives in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s book. I had a great time because we live in a country that doesn't have a real cinematic business so to be in one is an amazing experience and spending time there looking is a really good experience, After that we had dinner and then we had our get together to talk about things such as how the day was, what are the plans for the next day, etc, then the priest came and we had a talk about catholic things, some experiences that the priest has had and also he told us about how he become a priest and the importance of hearing God’s call.
We had a great day 

By: Ayrton Vargas

June 28

Today we had a fun day, in the morning we had class as usual and we kept with the presentations. The presentations were really interesting, some people talked about the differences between London and Ecuador, others talked about their favourite place in London but almost everyone focused on the differences in the food. After classes we ate lunch and used the internet until 2:15 pm, because at that hour every day we begin our adventures. We left Netherhall House at 2:30 pm with our tickets for the aquarium and our tickets for the underground, in order to get there we had to take the jubilee line in the underground from Finchley Road to Westminster. In Westminster you find Big Ben and London Eye, the aquarium is next to London Eye. We entered the aquarium at 4:00 pm, we were amazed with all the fish, we saw some sea horses, sharks and more. My favorite animal was the penguin because they jumped into the water and swam and they were beautiful, after seeing the penguins we saw the sharks, they were huge and looked very heavy. Later we saw the turtles, they were very big and had claws, we also saw crabs. After the aquarium we had some free time so I went to Bond Street, there you can find Adidas, and other very nice stores. Later we went to Netherhall House and ate dinner, then we had the get together, a resident talked to us about his life and why he was in Netherhall House. After the talk Xavy sent us to sleep but in the four floor we had some problems so we went to bed at 12:00 pm.

In conclusion we had an amazing and productive day with a lot of fun and good experiences, I really enjoyed it.

By: Nicolás Vela

June 27

Today we started the day by eating breakfast which was a sausage, some cereal and water, after that we had time to tidy up the room. Then at 9:45 am we started the lessons, today we only had hour of classes because we went to the mass for St. Jose Maria Escriva de Balaguer. The mass was very interesting, with the choir and with a special blessing. After that we went to eat the lunch at 1:00 pm. After lunch we divided in 2 groups, one went to Abbey Road and the other one stayed playing football with some residents and after that we rested.

The group that went to Abbey road told me that was very beautiful because the visited the famous street on which the “BEATLES” walked. My friends took a lot of pictures and visited the museum of 
the beattles. A lot of friends bought t-shirts of the beattles, the other group that stay in the residence talked and later we started to cook the BBQ.  At 6:45 pm the group of the Abbey road arrived and helped us to prepare all the things for the BBQ.

I really enjoy this 2 days because I spend time with my friends and especially   enjoyed sightseeing London.

By: Nicolás Salvador

June 26

Yesterday we started the day by eating breakfast, it was cereal, bread and water, we had 3 hours of
classes, then we ate lunch, then we had a get together and we divided into 3 groups. The first group
went to the stadium of Arsenal. The second group went to Tower Bridge. And the third group went
to Iceland and bought the food for the BBQ, the third group saw the movie “minions”, then they 
went to eat McDonalds. At the end of the day all the groups met at the dinner.

By: Nicolás Salvador

June 25

I would like to talk about what we did today because it was a very interesting day and exciting, well the first thing we did today as usual was to have classes but today I feel as if classes were never going to finish but, at the same time the breaks went too quickly, laughing and having fun with my friend Nicolas, just after the classes finished I was so excited because my friends told me that we were going to go to the Wembley stadium and some friends were going to pay for my entrance because it’s going to be my birthday.
When we were at the entrance of the Wembley stadium I was thinking about Chelsea’s stadium because that stadium disappointed me so I was hoping that with this stadium would be better, when we entered the stadium it was amazing, it was an enormous stadium, I couldn’t believe it, but one thing that did disappoint me was that the football pitch was covered with some plastic because ACDC are coming this weekend. Just after we finished the tour around the stadium we went shopping to an outlet but I was too tired to go shopping so I decided to have a coffee with some friends and have a good time, when I realized it was time to go to the meeting point we went there and then took the underground to the residence when we arrived home we did the same thing as usual have dinner then a get together, but this get together was very funny because almost nobody could answer the questions of teacher Raul, and Xavi started to play the guitar and we had so much fun and at the end we had the supper and the food was delicious.

By: José María Salgado

June 24

Today we visited Cambridge University, it was a great adventure and a big campus with old buildings and a lot of traditions. First of all we have to take a train in the morning, so we travelled by the metro to kings cross train station were we saw on the station a thematic set from Harry Potter with the number 93/4 station, then we walked to take our train and we travel for one hour until we arrived at Cambridge University. We searched for a guide on the campus to understand more about what we were looking at, when we found one, he took us around the most significant places of the campus. We passed through a school called queens’ college which the guide explained to us was the only name in Cambridge with grammar problems. The reason was that the college was founded by more than one queen. We also discovered a bridge up a river call cam which give the   university its name “Cambridge”. We also saw the tree from which the apple that helped Newton to prove his theory about gravity fell.  Later when we went to eat we sat close to a swamp where we saw swans swimming with their young. Everything was ok until the swam got close to Alex, our netherhall house friend, because he was feeding the ducks and the swan get attracted so started attacking him to get his food, Alex started to try to scare the swan moving his bag like a scared child but the animal didn’t move, it was getting more angry  and tried to bite Alex, after 15 minutes of battle between animal and human, the swan went away as if nothing had happened and Alex said ironically “swan 0 Human 1”, later we went back to our residence where we finish the day with a movie.

By: Erick Prado